GSC William F Grant and Peter B Moens AWARD OF EXCELLENCE


1. Purpose of the Award

To provide collective, formal recognition by the membership of the Genetics Society of Canada for the excellent and distinguishing contribution(s) of a professional geneticist to genetic research and/or teaching and to foster genetical excellence in Canada.

2. Categories of Genetical Excellence

a) A contribution to genetical knowledge of outstanding distinction. Commonly, this would take the form of a published paper, monograph or book, reporting a contribution to knowledge of singular significance to the discipline (science) at large.

b) (i) Recognition of the cumulative, distinguished contributions of a senior investigator in Canada or elsewhere.
(ii) Recognition of an academic career of distinction in teaching and in inspiring students in a Canadian University at either or both undergraduate and graduate levels and in training geneticists to meet the basic and applied needs of genetics in Canada (and elsewhere).

3. Eligibility

Any professional geneticist in Canada or elsewhere is eligible for consideration. While geneticists from outside Canada may receive the Award, this should not occur more often than every second year. In order to foster genetical excellence in Canada, the recipient of the Award will be invited to give a special lecture at the Annual Meeting of the Society.

4. Procedures

A Selection Committee will be responsible for proposing candidates for the Award and receiving nominations from the membership at large on an annual basis.

The Selection Committee will consist of:
(a) The President of the Genetics Society of Canada
(b) The Past-President of the Society
(c) Three members chosen from the community of Canadian geneticists by the Executive Committee annually. These members should represent as closely as possible the range of specialization, professional affiliation and age of the membership as a whole.

The following documentation will be required for each candidate:
(a) The published contributions where appropriate.
(b) A condensed Curriculum Vitae
(c) An Assessment by an established authority (authorities) of the merit of the contribution(s) where appropriate.

5. The Award

The Award will be a plaque including the Society emblem and an inscription. It will be made annually during the banquet at the Annual General Meeting of the Genetics Society of Canada or at the special lecture given by the Award winner at the Meeting.

6. Past Award Winners

GSC Award of Excellence Winners, first given in 1976

1976 Newcombe, H.B.

1977 Sears, E.R.

1978 Fredeen, H.T.

1979 Butler, L.

1980 Fraser, F.C.

198l Mortimer, R.K.

1982 Person, C.O.

1983 von Borstel, R.C.

1984 Chown, B.

1985 Moens, P.B.

1986 James, A.P.

1987 Kafer, E.

1988 Smith, Michael

1989 Kuspira, J.

1990 Tsui, Lap-Chee

1991 Doolittle, W.F.

1992 Scriver, C.R.

1993 Haynes, R.H.

1994 Kasha, K.

1995 Cox, D.W.

1996 Walden, D.B.

1997 Griffiths, A.J.F.

1998 Bernstein, Allen

1999 Bussey, Howard

2000 Culotti, Joseph

2001 Hayden, Michael

2002 Baillie, David

2003 Morgan, Ken

In 2004 the award was renamed the William F Grant and Peter B Moens Award of Excellence

2004 Lasko, Paul

2005 Hilliker, Art

2006 Hegele, Robert

2007 Sokolowski, Marla

2008 Singh, Shiva

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