1. Purpose of the Award

The Award is intended to recognize a notable paper or series of related papers based on original research in genetics or allied fields completed and published by the candidate in a refereed journal during the 15 years period immediately following the completion of a first degree.

2. Eligibility

All candidates must be Members in good standing of the Genetics Society of Canada. This implies that membership fees have been paid no later than March 31 of the year the Award is presented.

3. Procedures

a) Nominations for the Genetics Society of Canada's Young Scientist Award should be in the hands of the Chair of the Awards Committee no later than December 15 of each calendar year. Candidates will be reviewed in January, though in any given year the Award might not be given if, in the opinion of the Committee, no sufficiently strong candidates have been presented.

b) In the case of multiple authored papers, the particular contribution of the candidate must be clearly delineated in the letter of nomination.

c) Candidates must be nominated by a full member of the Genetics Society of Canada and be supported by at least one seconder outside the candidate's present institution and with whom s/he has not collaborated in research.

d) The nomination papers must consist of:
(i) A letter describing the scientific importance of the work on which the nomination is based.
(ii) Reprints of the relevant papers (a maximum of five).
(iii) The candidtaes full Curriculum Vitae
(iv) The names of three referees expert in the candidate's area of research.


4. The Award

The Award consists of a citation and a plaque. The successful candidate will be invited to present an honorary lecture at the Annual Meeting of the Society.

5. Past Award Winners

The GSC Young Scientist Award was first given in 1987

1987 Hilliker, A.J.

1988 None given

1989 Golding, G.B.

1990 Bonen, L.

1991 Haughn, G.W.

1992 Brock, H.W.

1993 Sokolowski, M.M.

1994 Ritland, K.

1995 Evans, D.H.

1996 Rosenberg, Susan M.

1997 McDermid, Heather

1998 Lasko, Paul

1999 Rancourt, Derrick E.

2000 Boulianne, Gabrielle

2001 Hudson, Thomas

2002 Scherer, S.

In 2003 the award was renamed the Robert Haynes Young Scientist Award

2003 Chippindale, Adam

2004 Bulman, Dennis E.

2005 Xu, J.P.

2006 Steward, Bryan

2007 Agrawal, Aneil


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