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Researchers See New Importance for Y Chromosome

Two surveys have reconstructed the full history of the shrunken male chromosome, which provides regulatory genes that play a role throughout the body.

From the NYTimes News-2014-4-23:14:6:1

The Map Makers: Mind Control in a Flash of Light

Karl Deisseroth is among a group of scientists who have been working on a way to turn brain cells on and off using genetic engineering and light.

From the NYTimes News-2014-4-21:14:6:1

Scientists Report Advance in 'Therapeutic Cloning'

Scientists have moved a step closer to the goal of creating stem cells perfectly matched to a patient's DNA in order to treat diseases, they announced on Thursday, creating patient-specific cell lines out of the skin cells of two adult men.

From the NYTimes News-2014-4-18:8:5:1

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Developing Scaffolds in Evoltuion, Culture and Cognition ed. by L.Caporael from MIT Press. (Apr 18).

More than Nature Needs: Language, Mind, and Evolution by D.Bickerton from Harvard Univ Press (Apr 18).

Neanderthal Man: In search of lost genomics, by S.Paabo from Basic Books. (Mar 21).

Sex Itself: The search for male and female in the human genome, by S.Richardson from Univ Chicago Press. (Mar 21).

The Journal of Heredity has waived pages charges for one 8 page article. (Mar 18).

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Apr 23 12:00Small homologous blocks in Phytophthora genomes do not point to an ancient whole-genome duplication - Jolien JE van Hooff, Berend Snel, Michael F Seidl (GBE)
Apr 23 12:00Frequent expansions of the bitter taste receptor gene repertoire during evolution of mammals in the Euarchontoglires clade - Takashi Hayakawa, Nami Suzuki-Hashido, Atsushi Matsui, Yasuhiro Go (MBE)
Apr 23 12:00Paralagous radiations of PIN proteins with multiple origins of non-canonical PIN structure - Tom Bennett et al. (MBE)
Apr 23 08:00How the mountain pine beetle (Dendroctonus ponderosae) breached the Canadian Rocky Mountains - Jasmine K Janes et al. (MBE)
Apr 22 16:00The Role of Fluoride in Montmorillonite-Catalyzed RNA Synthesis - Michael F. Aldersley, Prakash C. Joshi (JME)
Apr 22 12:00Exploration of sequence space as the basis of viral RNA genome segmentation - Elena Moreno et al. (PNAS)
Apr 22 12:00Exploring the Occurrence of Classic Selective Sweeps in Humans Using Whole-Genome Sequencing Data Sets - Maud Fagny et al. (MBE)
Apr 22 08:00Genomic Landscape of Human, Bat and Ex Vivo DNA Transposon Integrations - Rebeca Campos-Sánchez, Aurélie Kapusta, Cédric Feschotte, Francesca Chiaromonte, Kateryna D. Makova (MBE)
Apr 21 16:00Storytelling and story testing in domestication - Pascale Gerbault et al. (PNAS)
Apr 21 16:00Archaeological and genetic insights into the origins of domesticated rice - Briana L. Gross, Zhijun Zhao (PNAS)
Apr 21 16:00Beyond the single gene: How epistasis and gene-by-environment effects influence crop domestication - Andrew N. Doust et al. (PNAS)
Apr 21 16:00Patterns of coding variation in the complete exomes of three Neandertals - Sergi Castellano et al. (PNAS)
Apr 21 11:28The Molecular Evolution of Cytochrome P450 genes within and between Drosophila species. - Robert T. Good et al. (GBE)

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