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'Super-sized' mice threaten seabird colonies with extinction

Overgrown mice are killing millions of chicks on the remote Gough Island in the South Atlantic.

From the BBC News-2018-10-21:20:6:1

Most of ‘Luzia,’ a 12,000-Year-Old Fossil, Is Recovered After Brazil Museum Fire

The museum director said that 80 percent of the fossil had been found after a huge fire ripped through the National Museum last month.

From the NYTimes News-2018-10-21:8:5:1

Geneticists Criticize Use of Science by White Nationalists to Justify ‘Racial Purity’

In a statement, the American Society of Human Genetics said “there can be no genetics-based support of claiming one group as superior to another.”

From the NYTimes News-2018-10-19:14:6:1

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Chimpanzees and Human Evolution edited by Martin N. Muller, Richard W. Wrangham, David R. Pilbeam. from Harvard University Press (Oct 20).

Hemoglobin: Insights into protein structure, function, and evolution, by Jay F. Storz [ Explores molecular evolution and adaptation of the protein hemoglobin ] from Oxford University Press (Oct 9).

Evolution and Selection of Quantitative Traits, Part 2 of a trilogy on quantitative genetics & provides a bridge between complex models & real world data, by Bruce Walsh & Michael Lynch from Oxford University Press (Oct 6).

Epigenetics, Nuclear Organization, & Gene Function: with implications of epigenetic regulation and genetic architecture for human development and health, by John C. Lucchesi. [Emphasis on mammals/human and how the interrelationships between genetics, epigenetics, and nuclear architecture affects them], from Oxford University Press (Oct 3).

Discovering Retroviruses Beacons in the Biosphere, by Anna Marie Skalka from Harvard University Press (Sep 30).

Extreme Conservation Life at the Edges of the World by Joel Berger, from University of Chicago Press (Sep 22).

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Oct 22 12:00From de novo to 'de nono': The majority of novel protein coding genes identified with phylostratigraphy are old genes or recent duplicates - Claudio Casola (GBE)
Oct 22 12:00Complete genome sequence reveals evolutionary dynamics of an emerging and variant pathovar of Xanthomonas euvesicatoria - Kanika Bansal, Sanjeet Kumar, Prabhu B Patil (GBE)
Oct 22 12:00Prophage-driven genomic structural changes promote Bartonella vertical evolution - Ricardo Gutiérrez et al. (GBE)

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