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Chinese Scientists Edit Genes of Human Embryos, Raising Concerns

An experiment long dreaded by many researchers, with the goal of eradicating disease genes, failed in the ways that had been feared.

From the NYTimes News-2015-4-24:8:5:1

Mammoth genome sequence completed

Swedish scientists have decoded the DNA of woolly mammoths raising the possibility of recreating the now extinct creatures

From the BBC News-2015-4-23:14:6:1

Super-rat history extracted from DNA

Scientists piece together the history of a group of extinct Caribbean rats, some of which grew to the size of cats.

From the BBC News-2015-4-22:8:5:1

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Naturalists in Paradise: Wallace, Bates, and Spruce in the Amazon, by J.Hemming from Thames and Hudson (Apr 22).

The Least Likely Man: Marshall Nirenberg and the Discovery of the Genetic Code, by F.H.Portugal, from MIT Press (Apr 22).

Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind, by Y.Harari from Harper (Apr 14).

Do scientists pay out-of-pocket to be researchers? Survey (Apr 8).

Special Issue: Current Zoology. Evolution Mechanisms Underlying Behaviour. (Mar 25).

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Apr 25 08:00The Magellania venosa biomineralizing proteome: a window into brachiopod shell evolution. - Daniel J. Jackson et al. (GBE)
Apr 25 08:00Evolution of gene expression after gene amplification - Nelson Garcia, Wei Zhang, Yongrui Wu, Joachim Messing (GBE)
Apr 25 08:00The dominance effect of the adaptive transposable element insertion Bari-Jheh depends on the genetic background - Lain Guio, Josefa González (GBE)
Apr 25 08:00Expanding duplication of Free Fatty Acid Receptor-2 (GPR43) genes in the chicken genome - Camille Meslin et al. (GBE)
Apr 24 08:00Why there are no essential genes on plasmids - Samuel J. Tazzyman, Sebastian Bonhoeffer (MBE)
Apr 24 08:00A co-evolutionary arms race between hosts and viruses drives polymorphism and polygenicity of NK cell receptors - Paola Carrillo-Bustamante, Can Keşmir, Rob J. de Boer (MBE)
Apr 24 08:00Tracing the Evolutionary History of Inositol, 1, 4, 5-trisphosphate receptor: Insights from Analyses of Capsaspora owczarzaki Ca2+ Release Channel Orthologs - Kamil J. Alzayady et al. (MBE)
Apr 24 08:00Maximum likelihood tree estimation using codon substitution models with multiple partitions - Stefan Zoller, Veronika Boskova, Maria Anisimova (MBE)

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