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DNA secrets of how vampire bats became bloodthirsty

New research shows how vampire bats evolved to survive on a diet of blood alone.

From the BBC News-2018-2-19:14:6:1

Genes remain active after death

Cells continue to function even after an individual dies, a discovery that could be developed into a forensic tool.

From the BBC News-2018-2-13:14:6:1

Amazon fish challenges mutation idea

Study of an Amazon fish has challenged ideas about how DNA gathers deadly mutations over time.

From the BBC News-2018-2-13:14:6:2

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Turning Points: How Critical Events Have Driven Human Evolution, Life, and Development by K. Kampourakis from Prometheus Books (Feb 20).

Plant Evolutionary Developmental Biology by A. Minelli from Cambridge Univ Press (Feb 15).

The New Evolutionary Sociology: Recent and Revitalized Theoretical and Methodological Approaches by J.H. Turner, R.S. Machalek from Routledge (Feb 7).

A special issue of the journal Life: Phyloinformatics Issue with a submission dealine of Feb 28. (Feb 1).

Comparative Social Evolution, ed D.R. Rubenstein and P. Abbot from Cambridge Univ Press (Jan 26).

Deep Homology Uncanny Similarities of Humans and Flies Uncovered by Evo-Devo, by Lewis I. Held, Jr from Cambridge Univ Press (Jan 21).

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Feb 19 08:00The Performance of Two Supertree Schemes Compared Using Synthetic and Real Data Quartet Input - Eliran Avni, Zahi Yona, Reuven Cohen, Sagi Snir (JME)

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