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Observatory: Mutation Reduces Pregnancy Complications for Africa's Khoe-San People

The gene variant can alter the formation of the placenta, resulting in larger, healthier babies, a study shows.

From the NYTimes News-2015-8-24:20:6:1

GM trees 'strangled' by red tape

US researchers say it has become "virtually impossible" to plant genetically modified trees in any part of the world.

From the BBC News-2015-8-21:8:5:1

John Henry Holland, Who Computerized Evolution, Dies at 86

Dr. Holland developed computer codes, which he called genetic algorithms, that mimicked evolutionary processes by mating and mutating possible solutions.

From the NYTimes News-2015-8-20:8:5:1

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Social Evolution and Inclusive Fitness Theory An Introduction by J.Marshall from Princeton Univ Press (Aug 24).

Domesticated: Evolution in a Man-Made World, by R.Francis from Norton (Aug 24).

Evolution: Making Sense of Life, 2nd Edition, by C.Zimmer and D.Emlen from Roberts & Co. (Aug 12).

Bioinformatics with Python Cookbook by Tiago Antao. (Jul 7).

Intl_J_Genomics has a call for Conservation Genomics papers. (Jun 22).

Biocode: The New Age of Genomics, by D.Field & N.Davies from Oxford Univ Press. (Jun 18).

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Aug 28 12:00Natural selection at the brush-border: adaptations to carbohydrate diets in humans and other mammals - Chiara Pontremoli et al. (GBE)
Aug 28 08:00Extensive Families of miRNAs and PHAS Loci in Norway Spruce Demonstrate the Origins of Complex phasiRNA Networks in Seed Plants - Rui Xia, Jing Xu, Siwaret Arikit, Blake C. Meyers (MBE)
Aug 28 08:00Cis-Regulatory Changes Associated with a Recent Mating System Shift and Floral Adaptation in Capsella - Kim A. Steige, Johan Reimegård, Daniel Koenig, Douglas G. Scofield, Tanja Slotte (MBE)
Aug 27 12:00Comparative genomics including the early-diverging smut fungus Ceraceosorus bombacis reveals signatures of parallel evolution within plant and animal pathogens of fungi and oomycetes - Rahul Sharma, Xiaojuan Xia, Kai Riess, Robert Bauer, Marco Thines (GBE)
Aug 27 12:00Site-Specific Amino Acid Preferences Are Mostly Conserved in Two Closely Related Protein Homologs - Michael B. Doud, Orr Ashenberg, Jesse D. Bloom (MBE)
Aug 27 12:00How Do Genomes Create Novel Phenotypes? Insights from the Loss of the Worker Caste in Ant Social Parasites - Chris R. Smith et al. (MBE)
Aug 27 12:00The Genome Sequence of Saccharomyces eubayanus and the Domestication of Lager-Brewing Yeasts - EmilyClare Baker et al. (MBE)
Aug 26 08:00An exploration into fern genome space - Paul G. Wolf et al. (GBE)

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