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'First human' discovered in Ethiopia

Scientists working in Ethiopia have uncovered a jawbone fossil which may push the origin of humans back 400,000 years.

From the BBC News-2015-3-4:14:6:1

Autism appears 'largely genetic'

Autism is caused by genetic make-up in 74-98% of cases, a Medical Research Council study of 516 twins indicates.

From the BBC News-2015-3-4:14:6:2

Scientists produce TB-resistant cows

Researchers in China produce a herd of genetically engineered cows that are better able to ward off bovine TB.

From the BBC News-2015-3-3:8:5:1

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Evolution: Making Sense of Life 2nd Ed, by C.Zimmer and D.Emlen from Roberts Publ -- pre-publication (Mar 2).

Human Variation A Genetic Perspective on Diversity, Race, and Medicine. ed. A. Chakravarti from Cold Spring Harbor Lab Press (Feb 23).

Ancestors in Our Genome by E.Harris from Oxford Univ Press (Feb 12).

A cartoon to celebrate Darwin Day from Exodus Travel. (Feb 6).

New Phytologist has a special issue on the evolution of mycorrhizas. (Feb 6).

PeerJ announces a new CompSci journal. (Feb 3).

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Mar 4 08:00Evolution of the metazoan mitochondrial replicase - Marcos T. Oliveira, Jani Haukka, Laurie S. Kaguni (GBE)
Mar 4 08:00The Ribosome Challenge to the RNA World - Jessica C. Bowman, Nicholas V. Hud, Loren Dean Williams (JME)
Mar 4 08:00Initial molecular-level response to artificial selection for increased aerobic metabolism occurs primarily via changes in gene expression - Mateusz Konczal, Wiesław Babik, Jacek Radwan, Edyta T. Sadowska, Paweł Koteja (MBE)
Mar 4 08:00Tree of life reveals clock-like speciation and diversification - S. Blair Hedges, Julie Marin, Michael Suleski, Madeline Paymer, Sudhir Kumar (MBE)
Mar 4 08:00Genetic adaptation to levels of dietary selenium in recent human history - Louise White et al. (MBE)
Mar 4 08:00Human Adaptation to Arsenic-Rich Environments - Carina M Schlebusch et al. (MBE)
Mar 3 08:00Non-Adaptive Amino Acid Convergence Rates Decrease over Time - Richard A. Goldstein, Stephen T. Pollard, Seena D. Shah, David D. Pollock (MBE)
Mar 2 16:00Evidence for recent, population-specific evolution of the human mutation rate - Kelley Harris (PNAS)
Mar 2 16:00Endosymbiotic gene transfer from prokaryotic pangenomes: Inherited chimerism in eukaryotes - Chuan Ku et al. (PNAS)
Mar 2 16:00Whole-genome sequence of the Tibetan frog Nanorana parkeri and the comparative evolution of tetrapod genomes - Yan-Bo Sun et al. (PNAS)
Mar 2 08:00Assortative Mating Drives Linkage Disequilibrium between Sperm and Egg Recognition Protein Loci in the Sea Urchin Strongylocentrotus purpuratus - Andres Plata Stapper, Peter Beerli, Don R. Levitan (MBE)

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