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Nonfiction: A Brand-New Version of Our Origin Story

The Harvard geneticist David Reich details his groundbreaking research into ancient DNA in “Who We Are and How We Got Here.”

From the NYTimes News-2018-4-20:8:5:1

Matter: Bodies Remodeled for a Life at Sea

The Bajau, who spend most of their time on the ocean, are among the best divers in the world. Evolution is remaking them, a new study finds.

From the NYTimes News-2018-4-19:14:6:1

Frenchman Is First in World to Get 2 Full Face Transplants

Jérôme Hamon, a bookseller who has a genetic disease, underwent a second transplant after his body rejected the first because he had taken an antibiotic for a cold.

From the NYTimes News-2018-4-19:14:6:2

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The last days of smallpox: Tragedy in Brimingham is a history of the final episodes of smallpox (ebook). by Mark Pallen from Amazon (Apr 16).

Training to help you with science business and financial management. (Apr 10).

Principles of Evolutionary Genetics by R. Greer (Editor) from Syrawood Publ (Apr 7).

Smithsonian Conservation ideas and events to celebrate Earth Day. (Apr 5).

The Evolution of Flight by G. Glaeser, H.F. Paulus, W. Nachtigall from Springer (Mar 28).

Synergistic Selection: How Cooperation Has Shaped Evolution and the Rise of Humankind by P. Corning from World Scientific (Mar 20).

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Apr 20 12:00Protein Evolution is Potentially Governed by Protein Stability: Directed Evolution of an Esterase from the Hyperthermophilic Archaeon Sulfolobus tokodaii - Ryo Kurahashi, Satoshi Sano, Kazufumi Takano (JME)
Apr 20 08:00Comparative transcriptomics in two bivalve species offers different perspectives on the evolution of sex-biased genes - F Ghiselli et al. (GBE)
Apr 20 08:00Contrasting patterns of genomic diversity reveal accelerated genetic drift but reduced directional selection on X-chromosome in wild and domestic sheep species - Ze-Hui Chen et al. (GBE)
Apr 19 08:00The amount of nitrogen used for photosynthesis modulates molecular evolution in plants - Steven Kelly (MBE)
Apr 19 08:00Experimental Evolution of Yeast for High Temperature Tolerance - Chih-Jen Huang, Mei-Yeh Lu, Ya-Wen Chang, Wen-Hsiung Li (MBE)

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