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Fat Labradors give clues to obesity

Genes are partly to blame for some dogs getting fat, say scientists who have studied Labrador retrievers.

From the BBC News-2016-5-3:14:6:1

Breast cancer genetic discovery hailed

Scientists say they now have a near-perfect picture of the genetic events that cause breast cancer, which they hope will unlock new ways of treating the disease.

From the BBC News-2016-5-2:14:6:2

DNA secrets of Ice Age Europe unlocked

Genetic analysis unlocks the secrets of Europe's Ice Age inhabitants.

From the BBC News-2016-5-2:14:6:1

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Another power failure last night (with the promise of more to come due to construction). (May 5).

Evolutionary Bioinformatics (3rd Ed) by D.Forsdyke is available from Springer. (May 3).

Job opening at Monsanto, California for Vegetable Genomics. (Apr 25).

Training to create Science Videos with your smartphone is available May 15 - Jun 18. (Apr 21).

The 109th meeting of the German Zoological Society will take place in Kiel Sept 14-17. (Apr 15).

A workshop on Alertools: Easrly Detection of Biological Invasions, will be held at Aviles, Spain. Oct 13-15. (Apr 13).

The Origin and Nature of Life on Earth by E.Smith and H.Morowitz is available from Cambridge Univ Press (Apr 6).

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May 5 08:00Antibiotic resistance, core-genome and protein expression in IncHI1 plasmids in Salmonella Typhimurium - Tereza Kubasova et al. (GBE)
May 5 08:00Comparative genomics of two closely related Wolbachia with different reproductive effects on hosts - Irene L.G Newton et al. (GBE)
May 5 08:00A Dynamic Model for the Evolution of Protein Structure - (JME)
May 5 08:00The Nuanced Interplay of Intrinsic Disorder and other Structural Properties Driving Protein Evolution - J. Ahrens, H. G. Dos Santos, J. Siltberg-Liberles (MBE)
May 4 08:00The role of microRNAs in the repeated parallel diversification of lineages of Midas cichlid fish from Nicaragua - Paolo Franchini, Peiwen Xiong, Carmelo Fruciano, Axel Meyer (GBE)
May 3 20:00Sperm Bindin Divergence Under Sexual Selection and Concerted Evolution in Sea Stars - Susana Patiño et al. (MBE)
May 3 12:00Increased androgenic sensitivity in the hind limb muscular system marks the evolution of a derived gestural display - Lisa A. Mangiamele et al. (PNAS)

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