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Neanderthal Footprints Found in France Offer Clues to Group Behavior

The 80,000-year-old prints fill in gaps left by fossils and artifacts.

From the NYTimes News-2019-9-12:20:6:1

Heathrow drone protest: Five arrested over planned disruption

The co-founder of activist group Extinction Rebellion is among those held in "pre-emptive" raids.

From the BBC News-2019-9-12:14:6:1

Scientists Find the Skull of Humanity's Ancestor, on a Computer

By comparing fossils and CT scans, researchers say they have reconstructed the skull of the last common forebear of modern humans.

From the NYTimes News-2019-9-11:8:5:2

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Evolution, Origin of Life, Concepts and Methods edited by Pierre Pontarotti from Springer Intl Publ (Sep 14).

EcoEvoRxiv is a not-for-profit, online repository for research papers related to ecology, evolution and conservation. For more details about EcoEvoRxiv: https://ecoevorxiv.org/. (Sep 10).

Frontiers in Genetics is organizing a special issue on 'Coping with Climate Change: A Genomic Perspective on Thermal Adaptation' and is calling for submissions. (Sep 9).

Understanding Body Shapes of Animals by Holger Preuschoft from Springer (Sep 8).

The Evolutionary Biology of Species by Timothy G. Barraclough, from Oxford University Press (Sep 1).

Black Death at the Golden Gate: The Race to Save America from the Bubonic Plague, by David K. Randall, from W.W. Norton & Company (Aug 23).

Dance of the Dung Beetles by Helen Lunn and Marcus Byrne, from Wits University Press (Aug 18).

The Adventures of Alexander Von Humboldt by Andrea Wulf from Pantheon (Aug 15).

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Sep 14 12:00Genetics of adaptation of the ascomycetous fungus Podospora anserina to submerged cultivation - Olga A Kudryavtseva et al. (GBE)
Sep 14 08:00An Evolutionary Perspective on the Impact of Genomic Copy Number Variation on Human Health - Marie Saitou, Omer Gokcumen (JME)
Sep 13 12:00Comparative transcriptomics provides insights into reticulate and adaptive evolution of a butterfly radiation - Wei Zhang et al. (GBE)
Sep 13 12:00New non-bilaterian transcriptomes provide novel insights into the evolution of coral skeletomes. - Nicola Conci, Gert WÓ§rheide, Sergio Vargas (GBE)
Sep 13 12:00The Draft Genome of Kochia scoparia and the Mechanism of Glyphosate Resistance via Transposon-Mediated EPSPS Tandem Gene Duplication - Eric L Patterson et al. (GBE)
Sep 13 12:00Recombining your way out of trouble: The genetic architecture of hybrid fitness under environmental stress - Zebin Zhang et al. (MBE)
Sep 12 12:00Large-scale Molecular Evolutionary Analysis Uncovers a Variety of Polynucleotide Kinase Clp1 Family Proteins in the Three Domains of Life - Motofumi Saito et al. (GBE)
Sep 12 12:00Disappearance of Icelandic walruses coincided with Norse settlement - Xénia Keighley et al. (MBE)

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