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VIDEO: How to prep dinosaur remains for a 2,000 mile road trip

How to prep dinosaur remains for a 2,000 mile road trip

From the BBC News-2014-4-15:8:5:1

How to move a T-Rex dinosaur

Moving a dinosaur skeleton across the US

From the BBC News-2014-4-15:8:5:2

European Union Debates Initiative on Embryo Protection

A hearing was held on a petition bearing 1.8 million signatures that would ban the use of European funds for activities such as stem-cell research.

From the NYTimes News-2014-4-10:20:6:1

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Neanderthal Man: In search of lost genomics, by S.Paabo from Basic Books. (Mar 21).

Sex Itself: The search for male and female in the human genome, by S.Richardson from Univ Chicago Press. (Mar 21).

The Journal of Heredity has waived pages charges for one 8 page article. (Mar 18).

Bryan Clarke FRS has passed. (Mar 10).

Roberts and Company have "Analysis of Biological Data (2nd)" and "Experimental Evolution and the Nature of Biodiversity" available. (Feb 24).

A Tree Of Life iPhone app is available. (Feb 22).

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Apr 14 16:00Evolutionary pathway to increased virulence and epidemic group A Streptococcus disease derived from 3,615 genome sequences - Waleed Nasser et al. (PNAS)
Apr 14 16:00Horizontal transfer of an adaptive chimeric photoreceptor from bryophytes to ferns - Fay-Wei Li et al. (PNAS)
Apr 14 16:00Enhanced evolution by stochastically variable modification of epigenetic marks in the early embryo - Sergio Branciamore, Andrei S. Rodin, Arthur D. Riggs, Sergei N. Rodin (PNAS)
Apr 14 16:00Partner choice and fidelity stabilize coevolution in a Cretaceous-age defensive symbiosis - Martin Kaltenpoth et al. (PNAS)
Apr 14 08:00Comparative genomics of flatworms (Platyhelminthes) reveals shared genomic features of ecto- and endoparastic Neodermata - Christoph Hahn, Bastian Fromm, Lutz Bachmann (GBE)
Apr 14 08:00Systematic variation in the pattern of gene paralogue retention between the teleost super-orders Ostariophysi and Acanthopterygii - D Garcia de la serrana, EA Mareco, IA Johnston (GBE)
Apr 14 08:00Comparative Genomic Analysis and Virulence Differences in Closely Related Salmonella enterica Serotype Heidelberg Isolates from Humans, Retail Meats and Animals - Maria Hoffmann et al. (GBE)
Apr 14 08:00Paralogue re-emergence: a novel, historically-contingent mechanism in the evolution of anti-microbial resistance - Nichola J Hawkins et al. (MBE)

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