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Matter: Why Your DNA Is Still Uncharted Territory

Scientists are focusing on a relatively small number of human genes and neglecting thousands of others. The reasons have more to do with professional survival than genetics.

From the NYTimes News-2018-9-18:14:6:1

Trilobites: What 13,000 Patents Involving the DNA of Sea Life Tell Us About the Future

Whether a single private entity should be able to set the direction of how the genes of so many living things are used was a piece of a broader debate at the United Nations this month.

From the NYTimes News-2018-9-17:20:6:1

Saltmarsh Sparrows Fight to Keep Their Heads Above Water

Rising sea levels are bringing more nest-flooding tides that threaten to push the birds that breed in coastal marshes along the Atlantic Coast to extinction.

From the NYTimes News-2018-9-17:14:6:1

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Special Issue of Current Zoology: Social behavior and evoluiton in the omics era. Soliciting titles and abstracts. (Sep 19).

Dreamers, Visionaries, and Revolutionaries in the Life Sciences Edited by Oren Harman and Michael R. Dietrich, from University of Chicago Press (Sep 18).

Across the Bridge, Understanding the Origin of the Vertebrates by Henry Gee, from University of Chicago Press (Sep 15).

Wiley Publ has a job for a PhD in ecol/evolution to work on their journal Ecology and Evolution. (Sep 4).

American Classics: Evolutionary Perspectives" has been published by Academic Studies Press. It is freely available here. (Aug 29).

A special issue for the journal GENES is planned. It is entitled Tools for Population and Evolutionary Genetics . Manuscript submissions till July 31. (Aug 28).

Evolution: A Very Short Introduction Second Edition Brian Charlesworth and Deborah Charlesworth, from Oxford University Press (Aug 18).

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