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Endangered cheetahs can return to Indian forests - court

The world's fastest land animal was hunted into extinction in the country more than 70 years ago.

From the BBC News-2020-1-28:14:6:1

Ancient DNA from West Africa Adds to Picture of Humans' Rise

From a burial site in Cameroon, archaeologists recovered human genetic material dating as far back as 8,000 years.

From the NYTimes News-2020-1-22:20:6:1

Dinosaur extinction: 'Asteroid strike was real culprit'

A team of scientists discounts the idea that large-scale volcanism drove the demise of the dinosaurs.

From the BBC News-2020-1-17:8:5:1

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The Crispr/Cas9 System: Applications and Technology, edited by Alfred A. Bertelsen, from Nova Science Pub Inc (Jan 26).

Evolutionary Neuropsychology: An Introduction to the Evolution of the Structures and Functions of the Human Brain by Frederick L Coolidge, from Oxford University Press (Jan 18).

Statistical Population Genomics, ed. by Julien Y. Dutheil from Springer US. (Jan 11).

Biology and Evolution of the Mollusca, Volume Two by Winston Frank Ponder, David R. Lindberg, et al. from CRC Press. (Jan 5).

Female Control: Sexual Selection by Cryptic Female Choice (Monographs in Behavior and Ecology) by William Eberhard, from Princeton University Press (Dec 28).

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