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UK GM wheat 'does not repel pests'

A strain of genetically modified wheat developed in the UK has failed to repel pests as intended in field trials.

From the BBC News-2015-6-25:14:6:1

Pursuit of Cash Taints Promise of Gene Tests

As labs and research start-ups grow, the federal government is scrutinizing their relationships with doctors, as well as their payment and billing practices.

From the NYTimes News-2015-6-25:8:5:1

Wacky Fossil Worm Reveals Secret: Which End Is Which?

A bizarre-looking fossil worm that's been a puzzle for scientists has given up a secret: Researchers now know which end is which.

From the NYTimes News-2015-6-24:14:6:1

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Intl_J_Genomics has a call for Conservation Genomics papers. (Jun 22).

Biocode: The New Age of Genomics, by D.Field & N.Davies from Oxford Univ Press. (Jun 18).

The Rise of Birds: 225 Million Years of Evolution, 2ed, by S.Chatterjee, from Johns Hopkins Univ Press. (Jun 18).

Probabilistic Graphical Models for Genetics, Genomics, and Postgenomics, by C.Sinoquet & R.Mourad, from Oxford Univ Press. (Jun 10).

Eternal Ephemera Adaptation and the Origin of Species from the Nineteenth Century Through Punctuated Equilibria and Beyond, by N.Eldredge from Columbia Univ Press. (Jun 10).

Junk DNA A Journey Through the Dark Matter of the Genome, by N.Carey from Columbia Univ Press. (Jun 5).

How to Clone a Mammoth The Science of De-Extinction, by B.Shapiro from Princeton Univ Press. (Jun 5).

Dev, Genes & Evolution call contributions for special issue on size and shape. (Jun 4).

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