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Molecular Biology and Evolution  
Volume 35 Issue 7
July 2018
Diverse Evolutionary Origins and Mechanisms of Lens Regeneration 
Jonathan J Henry; Paul W Hamilton
Evolutionary Origins of Toll-like Receptor Signaling 
Joseph J Brennan; Thomas D Gilmore
Revising the Structural Diversity of Ribosomal Proteins Across the Three Domains of Life 
Sergey Melnikov; Kasidet Manakongtreecheep; Dieter Söll
Viral Fitness Correlates with the Magnitude and Direction of the Perturbation Induced in the Host's Transcriptome: The Tobacco Etch Potyvirus'Tobacco Case Study border= 
Héctor Cervera ; Silvia Ambrós; Guillermo P Bernet; Guillermo Rodrigo; Santiago F Elena
The Amount of Nitrogen Used for Photosynthesis Modulates Molecular Evolution in Plants border= 
Steven Kelly
Differential Evolution of Antiretroviral Restriction Factors in Pteropid Bats as Revealed by APOBEC3 Gene Complexity border= 
Joshua A Hayward; Mary Tachedjian ; Jie Cui; Adam Z Cheng; Adam Johnson ...
Novel Genes, Ancient Genes, and Gene Co-Option Contributed to the Genetic Basis of the Radula, a Molluscan Innovation border= 
Leon Hilgers; Stefanie Hartmann; Michael Hofreiter ; Thomas von Rintelen
Divergence of Noncoding Regulatory Elements Explains Gene'Phenotype Differences between Human and Mouse Orthologous Genes 
Seong Kyu Han ; Donghyo Kim; Heetak Lee; Inhae Kim; Sanguk Kim
Consequences of Asexuality in Natural Populations: Insights from Stick Insects border= 
Jens Bast; Darren J Parker ; Zoé Dumas; Kirsten M Jalvingh; Patrick Tran Van ...
De Novo Mutations Resolve Disease Transmission Pathways in Clonal Malaria border= 
Seth N Redmond; Bronwyn M MacInnis; Selina Bopp ; Amy K Bei; Daouda Ndiaye ...
Synergistic Binding of bHLH Transcription Factors to the Promoter of the Maize NADP-ME Gene Used in C4 Photosynthesis Is Based on an Ancient Code Found in the Ancestral C3 State border= 
Ana Rita Borba; Tânia S Serra; Alicja Górska; Paulo Gouveia ; André M Cordeiro ...
Active Host Response to Algal Symbionts in the Sea Slug Elysia chlorotica 
Cheong Xin Chan ; Pavel Vaysberg; Dana C Price; Karen N Pelletreau; Mary E Rumpho ...
Adaptation of S. cerevisiae to Fermented Food Environments Reveals Remarkable Genome Plasticity and the Footprints of Domestication border= 
Jean-Luc Legras; Virginie Galeote; Frédéric Bigey; Carole Camarasa; Souhir Marsit ...
Convergent Acquisition of Nonembryonic Development in Styelid Ascidians border= 
Alexandre Alié; Laurel Sky Hiebert; Paul Simion ; Marta Scelzo; Maria Mandela Prünster ...
Distinct Patterns of Selection in Selenium-Dependent Genes between Land and Aquatic Vertebrates 
Gaurab K Sarangi; Frédéric Romagné; Sergi Castellano
Evolutionary Associations of Endosymbiotic Ciliates Shed Light on the Timing of the Marsupial'Placental Split border=  
Peter Vďačný
Theoretical Foundation of the RelTime Method for Estimating Divergence Times from Variable Evolutionary Rates border= 
Koichiro Tamura; Qiqing Tao; Sudhir Kumar
Alignment Modulates Ancestral Sequence Reconstruction Accuracy border= 
Ricardo Assunção Vialle; Asif U Tamuri ; Nick Goldman
Estimating Improved Partitioning Schemes for Ultraconserved Elements  border= 
Victor A Tagliacollo; Robert Lanfear
HIV-TRACE (TRAnsmission Cluster Engine): a Tool for Large Scale Molecular Epidemiology of HIV-1 and Other Rapidly Evolving Pathogens 
Sergei L Kosakovsky Pond; Steven Weaver; Andrew J Leigh Brown; Joel O Wertheim
Yleaf: Software for Human Y-Chromosomal Haplogroup Inference from Next-Generation Sequencing Data 
Arwin Ralf; Diego Montiel González ; Kaiyin Zhong; Manfred Kayser
Molecular Biology and Evolution, Volume 35, Issue 4 
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